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Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles!

Jordy Smith relocated to San Clemente because of Lowers. The wave itself is that influential, and over the last three years Jordy has been perfect out there. If it weren't for injury sidelining him in 2015 we might be chanting Three-peat. But, Back-to-Back is sweet as.

"I came into the event with an open mind. I missed it last year when the waves were firing so I just wanted to come in and take it heat-by-heat. I think my Round 4 match-up against Kelly and Michel was the toughest here, and of course that semi-final against Filipe was a big heat too."

Sitting at #4 after this win, Jordy has entered the World Title race, with three events remaining.

"If I can be in with a shot at the World Title this year then that will be great. The European events can go either way so I'm just going to try my hardest and see how it goes."

Congrats Jordy!!! Career CT win #5, bringing the event title back to San Clemente for the homies.

Photos by Ryan Miller & Trevor Moran

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 1

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 2

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 3

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 4

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 5

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 6

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 7

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 8

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 9

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 10

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 11

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 12

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 13

Jordy Smith wins the 2016 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles Gallery Image 14

Be sure to check out the WSL's article, "Jordy Smith: Rising Above," a great introspective on how Jordy's focus led to success and what's in store for the coming events.

Founder Vince Longo Featured On Magic Seaweed

Check out Magic Seaweed's interview with Futures Founder, Vince Longo. They discuss fin setups, wave pools and what keeps us passionate about surfing.


Smartfin Collaboration Featured in Today Show
Smart Fin - on Today Show

For several years, Futures has had the honor of working with the Smartfin team to help them bring their fin to life. After countless prototypes and numerous revisions the fin is now making it's way into the hands of the public.

The Today Show interviewed Smartfin's Andy Stern; they discuss why the Smartfin is an important project for everyone and how you can help researchers understand what is happening to marine life at your local break.

See the Full Story: http://on.today.com/2c0dze6

Jordy Smith in Collecting Dust

Check out Jordy's latest clip, Collecting Dust, epic footage Jordy has been hanging onto for the last couple years. The dust has been wiped off for your enjoyment.

John John wins the 2016 Oi Rio Pro!

John John Florence loves Brazil. Make no bones about it, Rio has been really good to him and he cherishes every visit. Today put the cherry on top.

"I love coming back here to Rio. This is where I won my first World Championship Tour event. The waves are really similar to Hawaii with their power. Everyone here in Brazil has been so supportive. If it was not for everyone's support on the beach cheering us on every wave, I do not know if I would have been as stoked. Thank you to everyone."

And, in regards to the World Title, um yeah.

"Obviously I want to try to win a World Title, but I am going to take it heat by heat, event by event. Hopefully I will come out on top, but we will see. The waves have been challenging and everyone has been surfing so well, so I am stoked to be here and win this event."

Congratulations John John. Career CT win #3 and feeling radical about it.

Photos by Ryan Miller & Trevor Moran

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 1

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 2

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 3

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 4

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 5

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 6

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 7

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 8

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 9

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 10

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 11

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 12

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 13

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 14

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 15

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 16

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 17

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 18

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 19

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 20

John John Oi Rio Pro Win 2016 Gallery Image 21

Jack Freestone's DHD DX1
Darren Handley dissects Jack Freestone's board of choice, the DHD DX1, and explains what makes this board the "Stab in the Dark" winner.

Conner Coffin - YWT

Check out Conner Coffin's latest Young Wise Tails edit:

Sebastian Zietz takes Margaret River Pro

In case you missed it, Seabass was on an absolute tear during the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro! Here are a few of our favorite moments from the entire event period.

Congrats, Seabass! Cappuccinos all around!

Photos by:
Ryan Miller
Trevor Moran

Ride Number Applied: Jordy Smith @ Bells

Jordy Bells Pro 2016

Futures' proprietary performance rating system, Ride Number, is making its way into the hearts of our team riders on the World Tour. Jordy Smith applied the concepts to suit his need and take home a runner-up finish at the Rip Curl Pro last weekend at Bells Beach.

The Ride Number scale categorizes the feel of individual fin sets and places them into three main categories; Speed Generating, Balanced or Speed Control based on the construction of the set, with each set having its own unique performance number. The performance numbers are consistent along the Ride Number scale within Futures' variety of fin constructions, creating a different performance and feeling for each construction.

At stop #2 on the WSL World Tour, Jordy Smith utilized two different fin constructions of his preferred AM2 template in his heats and free surf sessions. As conditions went from clean and fun to wild and critical, by simply making a material change Jordy was able to dial in the performance feel of his equipment to suit the day's offering.

His go to construction is Honeycomb, which lies within the Balanced category on the Ride Number scale. Honeycomb fins provide an all-around feel, in average to good waves. Nice consistent flex allowing for spring through turns, but enough stability to hold a drawn out carve. The AM2 Honeycomb has a specific ride number of 4.6.

Throughout the event window, Bells presented a few different scenarios for the competitors. Both Easter Sunday and Finals day were quite solid, with well overhead sets and wind-affected conditions. Jordy saw this as the exact time to ride the AM2 Techflex, effectively lowering the Ride Number to the Speed Control category. It feels more stable and predictable and will increase drive and hold in the powerful conditions these days offered. The AM2 Techflex has a specific Ride Number of 3.0.

In this application, Jordy isn't using the entire Ride Number range from 1-10, but rather a smaller differential from 4.6 to 3.0. He's going from Balanced to Speed Control categories, and with the change in fins he can feel the difference in performance to suit the changing conditions. Riding the same AM2 template in both constructions minimized the overall change to just the feeling of Balanced vs. Speed Control, without the addition of a template change.


Hawaiian surfer Brodi Sale tears it up around his home turf. Expect to see a lot more from this bright young surfer.

Jordy Smith in Mozambique and Durban

"During my off season I snuck home and then up to Mozambique. The waves were fun but when I got back to Durban I had some really good waves at my local."

Mitch Crews - Play with Glass: LA

Check Otis Eyewear's clip featuring Mitch Crews. Some serious carves, tubes, and plenty of action above the lip.

Greg Long Captures Second WSL Big Wave Title

BWWT surfer Greg Long has once again taken the title of Big Wave World Champ. He has been absolutely on fire taking a 3rd in the recent Pe'ahi Challenge and a 2nd place at Todos.

Check out the Full WSL Coverage: http://www.worldsurfleague.com/posts/183087/greg-long-big-wave-tour-champion

Congrats Greg!

Futures Congratulates John John Florence

2016 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Champion

2/26/16 – Huntington Beach, Ca: After more than 6 years in dormancy, despite a few attempts to “Go”, the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau roared to life at the original big wave terror dome of Waimea Bay yesterday. The Winter of 2015/16 will go down as one of the largest on record and the Eddie swell was the final straw in cementing this run of giant winter storms in history. Surfing in his first “Eddie”, John John Florence had already fulfilled the dream that every big wave surfer around the world has. But, as the day progressed it became clear that today was much more than just surfing the Eddie, there was winning the Eddie. Congratulations John, we’re honored and proud, and beyond ecstatic for you to have achieve another mighty goal.

“I was excited just to be part of the event,” said John John in his post heat interview. “I was so nervous, I thought, oh gosh, I just gotta get through this day and hopefully get a couple of waves. I was riding my bike down here this-morning in the dark and just the energy of how many people were parked all the way down the street. I’ve lived here my whole life and I’ve never seen it like that.”

With an invite only field of International big wave superstars on hand to compete for only the seventh time in the Eddie’s 31-year history, the day is about honoring the legacy of Hawaiian Lifeguard Eddie Aikau and his passion for big waves, the ocean and ‘ohana. The waves must measure a minimum of 20’ Hawaiian, with 40’+ faces, and sustain that energy for the entire duration of the 8 hour event. The 2016 edition was every bit of that, and is being called by many the biggest and best Eddie yet.

At the end of round one John John was sitting atop the leader board with 170 points on 3 waves. The Eddie uses a unique competition format where all competitors surf two heats and are allowed to ride four waves in each heat, with the top four wave scores counting as your total score. By the time John John’s second heat hit the water, he’d fallen back a bit on the leader board following standout performances by heavy hitters Shane Dorian and Ross Clarke Jones, and was looking for a higher scoring heat than his Round 1 performance. Within the first 5 minutes of the heat he dropped a near perfect (100 points) 89 point ride, and was now in striking distance. Forty more minutes wound down and finally the opportunity came. Sitting deep on the boil, John John stroked his lime green 10’6” Pyzel Padilllac Quad into a 20’+ set, knifing the drop only to be completely engulfed in the exploding white water before emerging out of the chaos standing tall and in control. Needing only a 69 point ride to take the lead the judges awarded him an 88, for a total of 301 points for the day and the victory.

“I’ve never been a part of an event like this. It’s definitely the highlight of my life for sure,” offered John John. “I want to say thanks to the Aikau family and Quiksilver for putting on this amazing event. I’ve only seen it run a couple of times in my life so to be a part of it, to be surfing in it, and to actually win it is such a dream come true…against all these legends. These guys are my heroes since I’ve been growing up. And thanks to my mom and my family and all my good friends who are here.”

John John was riding a custom set of the Futures Paddle Quad designed specifically for riding the biggest waves on the planet, featuring engineered foils and hand finished precision, in Futures’ Huntington Beach, Ca facility.

Photo: Ryan Miller

John John Florence Interviewed by Surfer Mag after historic Eddie Aikau win.

"...this was definitely the biggest thing I’ve done so far in surfing. It’s gonna take some time to sink in."

See the full Article at SurferMag.com

Photo:Ellis via Surfer Mag

RVCAloha Danny Fuller

Danny Fuller fully intends to make as big of an impact with a camera as he does with a surfboard under his feet. Last year Danny showed Liquid Horizon to the world, a gallery that captures the connection between Danny and the ocean. When presented with the question of "What's next?", Fuller tells why the work he is doing is still important.

Reef McIntosh - Journey to the Quik House

Reef McIntosh is responsible for the Quik House at Pipe or as he prefers "his house", and he truly runs it as his own. But to become the big wave super star he had to put in a lot of time and effort. Despite not getting the typical kickstart surfing career through his teenage years, his work would evenually pay off and eventually made sponsorship.

Nelson Rice details Reef's journey to becoming a prominent figure in big wave surfing:

Celebrating Eddie!

In anticipation of The Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau running for the 9th time in it’s 31 year history, here’s a selection of images of the Futures team at the annual opening ceremony that takes place each December. As a brand, we’ve been very connected to the Big Wave community since our inception. To witness this groundbreaking El Nino Winter and the events and performances that have gone down, we’re grateful for this elite group of chargers and their decision to Ride Futures. The bay calls the day, don’t miss the action.

Photos: Ryan Miller and Trevor Moran

See the official event page at http://quiksilver.com/surf/events/eddie-aikau/

Volcom Pipe Pro Highlights

Updated: Congratulations to Kelly Slater! We saw incredible waves and standout performances from team riders John John Florence, Torrey Meister, Seabass and more. If you missed it, check out the day by day highlights:

Final Day

Day 2

Day 1

Futures Welcomes Conner and Parker Coffin

Futures is proud to announce the signing of two of the surf world’s top emerging talents, Santa Barbara siblings Conner and Parker Coffin. The brothers are heavily decorated in professional and amateur titles and signify the crossroads of power and progressive surfing, clearly representing the future of surfing. Whether it be locally at Rincon, as boatmen at Cloudbreak or as part time residents of Hawaii’s North Shore, the pair have been immersed in the world’s premiere breaks for years, and display a maturity in their surfing that has created global respect and a vibrant fan base.

Conner, 22, is embarking on his rookie season on the World Surf League (WSL) Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour (CT) in 2016, following a standout season on the Qualifying Series (QS) where he finished in 9th position overall, earning himself a spot amongst the elite top 34.

“I'm so stoked to be a part of the Futures team and to continue to work with the designers in Huntington to refine my equipment going into my rookie year on tour,” said Conner, in a recent conversation after finalizing the new contract. “I’ve always ridden Futures because the boxes are super strong and the fins perform at such a high level. I have a lot of new things coming at me this year, and I’ll be going on tour 100% confident that my fins are the best option there is.”

Parker, 20, fresh off the WSL Junior Series and a former WSL North America Junior Champion will be dedicated to the QS in 2016 hoping to follow his brother’s lead to the CT.

"I've used Futures for as long as I can remember,” reflected Parker. “They always feel solid in my boards and offer so many amazing templates, to match with all different types of surfboards. I love knowing that I can have a set of fins for every board in my quiver.”

The Coffin brothers are long time factory team riders for Channel Islands Surfboards, with Conner as the test pilot for two of the best selling models, the Fred Rubble short board and the Fred Stubble step down.

“In working with Channel Islands over the years I have gotten my boards really dialed in,” confirmed Parker. “And to now have a strong relationship with Futures and the ability to get my fins fine tuned is a dream. I’m looking forward to having the best equipment and teams to work with! Exciting times ahead!!"

On February 9, 2010 the then teenaged Coffins launched their own blog called Young Wise Tails. Showing true grit, they stayed committed to the task of keeping the outlet updated, really just to document the good times they were having as young traveling surfers. In 2011 they joined forces with close friend and filmmaker Ryan Perry to launch their own content based website YoungWiseTails.com. Not only has the initiative provided a platform to engage with fans and friends around the world, the website is the cornerstone for their video productions including three high action short-form edits Wild Fire (2014), Highline (2013) and Electric Wilderness (2012). Visit their website for a closer look at their daily happenings.

Conner and Parker will launch their 2016 WSL campaigns at the Volcom Pipe Pro this week, joining a stacked field of warriors set to take on El Niño and the infamous Banzai Pipeline, including defending event champion and fellow Futures team rider John John Florence. Futures is proud to be the official fin system of the Volcom Pipe Pro for the 4th consecutive year.

The Coffins Ride Futures. Welcome to the Team.

Welcome Elsewhere - Craig Anderson

"Driving across Australia. Hunting uncrowded waves. I like how hard the spots are to get too. I like being mysto in the desert. I like being in the jungle."





John John Florence's - Ask Me Anything by Reddit

Just over 2 months ago, John John was featured in Reddit's AMA (Ask Me Anything), answering dozens of questions about View from a Blue Moon and just about anything else fans threw at him. Check it out if you haven't read through it already: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3r9cju/i_am_pro_surfer_john_john_florence_ama/

Reddit also put John John in front of the camera, check out what he had to say:

Josh Burke - 2K15

Josh Burke wraps up his 2015 year with this clip in Trestles, Hawaii and Barbados

Follow Josh on Instagram

1-Shot Box - The Strongest and Toughest US Base Fin Box

The Futures 1-Shot Longboard Box - Now Easier to Install

At Futures, we've worked hard to develop the strongest and toughest US-Base fin box you can put in your board. The flange design and the pre-glass installation process makes the box super strong. The track is precision machined (instead of glued) so your fins fit well and you won't see pinhole leaks over time. Available in 8" or 10.75", this box will accommodate most fins for your single fin, your log or your stand-up. Hear what industry giants Bill Stewart and Jed Noll have to say about the 1-Shot:

Shapers: We've created some videos that explain the installation process in detail. If you have any questions please contact us at customersupport@futuresfins.com or call us at 714-891-1695. You can also download the complete Installation Manual HERE.

Tools and Setup